smart BARK!

Smart Bark is a handcrafted snacking business that is based in Detroit. Inspired by the taste of European chocolates and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, the creators of Smart Bark wanted to make a chocolate product as delicious as the ones on the market but more nutritious!

This Snack is Based on

4 Main Ingredients:

  • Fair trade certified cocoa

  • Sugar

  • Vanilla

  • Combinations of super foods

What is smart BARK?

Smart Bark is organic, vegan, soy free, and Peter Rubi Approved! Owner Ines Rehner set out to design the perfect sweet snack that did not contain any harmful additives. Smart Bark contains whole rather than chopped ingredients to maintain even more of their delicious flavor.

“ Feel good

about smart

snacking! ” 

-  Ines Rehner

Products in Our Store:

  • Crispy Quinoa

  • Salted Almonds

  • Trail Mix

  • Cranberry