Sweet and Spicy: Just the Way We Like It

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Sticky and sweet - these are the familiar sensations of a comforting spoonful of honey stuck to the roof of our mouths. Our hardworking friends, the honey bees, buzz about all day transforming sunshine and flower nectar into one of nature’s loveliest treats; and each of our taste buds celebrate the flavor.


There can only be one thing to make this delightful experience more enjoyable. 

An infusion of red chili pepper flakes. 

Oh yes, you read that right. Let me walk you through it.

Just moments after my tongue sends sweet signals to my brain, a heat wave rides down my tongue and into my belly. My eyeballs get wide and a smile creeps across my face.

This isn’t just any ol’ honey. 

This is SPICY honey. 

And it’s my new favorite thing to add to tea, nut butter toast, or to enjoy straight out of the bottle for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. 

Where does this spectacular treat come from?

Ed and Barbara of Papa’s Honey, of course! 

Their honey is made right down the street in Naperville - and they’ve had some of their hives for over 35 years! For lovers of local honey and the benefits it provides, it’s hard to find a closer-to-home product. Papa’s Honey is unfiltered, unprocessed and they never heat it above 100 degrees to maintain the integrity of the bees' work. To create the unique Chili Pepper Honey, they simply infuse their natural wildflower honey with red pepper flakes and voila - honey that is sweet, spicy, and surprisingly delicious.

When eating a plant-based diet, it’s all about keeping a high flavor profile. Papa’s Spicy Honey is definitely an ingredient you can get creative with. 

Keep life spicy, my friends - 

Jacqueline & the Peter Rubi Team