Peter Rubi Goes Nationwide!

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Introducing Your Peter Rubi Snack Box: a variety of Peter Rubi Approved products hand-picked for you and available to ship anywhere in the United States. 

At Peter Rubi, our shelves are filled with clean, nutrient-dense grocery products for the whole family to enjoy. How is this possible? We do the hard work for you so that you can have a stress free, rewarding experience feeding your family and yourself! 

We have a team dedicated to finding vendors that create Peter Rubi Approved products. Every bit of deliciousness included in our box is researched, vetted, and approved. We won’t stand for anything less because your health matters! 

Join our mission to expand the passion for plant-based eating. Order your Peter Rubi Snack Box for yourself or as a gift for someone you love. 

What are people saying about Your Peter Rubi Snack Box?

“I’m excited my parents live in Wisconsin and when they visit they always shop by you before they leave so now I can order for them! Woohoo!” -C.G. 

“Yes! Healthy food that we need..” - V.R.

“Perfect for sending a Healthy Holiday Gift Box!” -L.J.

“Thank God. I loved shopping there and now I live in Indiana. Will definitely be ordering.” - A.S.

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