John & Maria's Love Story

Maria was working for her family's produce business as a buyer at South Water Market, Chicago's historic wholesale produce market. She would walk up and down the market bargaining prices and buying produce when John took notice of her. At the time, John was a salesman at a produce store called Mushroom Growers.

Maria bought produce from John for her family's business and would make small talk here and there with him. It was certainly not love at first sight. Out of the blue, John told Maria,

"Here is business card. Give me a call sometime kid." Maria was not interested in him at all! "Yeah right! I thought he was a jerk at the time!"

In the meantime, close friends of Maria told her she has to write out a list of all the things she wanted in a man. Her friends also put a stipulation on her and told her she has to say yes to every date she is asked on. Shortly after, and luckily so, when John asked Maria on a date, she had no choice but to say yes!

When he picked her up at her house, John asked her where she wanted to go on the date. "You don't have anything planned?!" Maria bursted out in laughter. "Nope." John responded.

Maria told John to drive to the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Chicago for some dinner. When they got there the restaurant was close. They decided to stay anyway and find a cozy place in the lounge area. They ended up staying there for hours in conversation over shared coffee and nuts.

"As the night went on, John showed his true colors. In my head, John checked off all the things I wanted in a man!"

After hours of conversations, seeing John's renovated apartments, and going for a midnight walk, it was time to head home.

When John dropped off Maria, she got out of the car and said goodbye. John also hopped out and asked, "Don't I get a goodnight kiss?" She nervously rambled excuses why not to kiss John when he slowly came closer and closer. Then, he kissed her, walked away, and drove off, leaving her standing on her front porch starstruck.

End the end of the night, Maria and John both knew they would marry each other one day.

Today, they are now 35 years joyfully married. <3

How did you meet your Valentine?

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