Have You Found The One?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

We sure have!

We've been searching and searching for that perfect veggie dip that tastes delicious but also stands behind our plant-based mission. Most dips use sour cream as a base - not so great for those with dairy sensitivities! We’re proud and oh-so-excited to have finally found the one! After lots of research, experimentation, and a whole lot of creativity our talented in-house Prep Team has really out-done themselves. We invite you to enjoy our brand new, dairy-free veggie dip made entirely of clean-ingredients. We’ve put the “Peter Rubi Approved” stamp of approval on it and are ready to share it with the world!

We seriously can’t get enough of this stuff. Dare we say it rivals our infamous guacamole? 😉 You be the judge!

You can now order our Veggie Dip, along with other dips, in our store! Click HERE to shop!

We recommend you pair The Veggie Dip with these vegetables:

Baby Carrots

Grape Tomatoes



Snap Peas

Celery sticks