Artisan Tropic is a family-run snack company based in Charlotte,North Carolina. Originally from Colombia, the Guzman’s immigrated to America 24 years prior to exercise their entrepreneurial spirits and pursue the American Dream.

The Story Behind it All

The idea for the company began after the Guzman’s daughter, Maca, was diagnosed with autoimmunity in 2012. Because of this, the family had to collectively learn how to adapt their habits and embrace a holistic eating approach. This journey inspired the Guzman’s to create a product that represented everything they had learned about pursuing a healthy lifestyle through food; thus, Artisan Tropic was born! 

Artisan Tropic Products contain no artificial flavors, GMO’s, or gluten and are paleo, vegan, and Peter Rubi Approved! These chips are great for on the go snacking, coming in both 1.2 oz & 4.5 oz bags and helping you to both feel and perform better!

Why Not Traditional Potato Chips?

Plantains and cassava are high in dietary fiber, potassium, and are a good source of vitamins A & C. You don’t find these benefits in your normal bag of chips!

Products in Our Store:

  • Plantain Sea Salt

  • Plantain Naturally Sweet

  • Plantain BBQ

  • Cassava Sea Salt 

  • Cassava BBQ

  • Cassava Jalapeno